Tree Cabling In Burbank, CA

Tree cabling is a process where cables are installed to support weak branches to prevent unit failure, which could cause severe damage or injury. Tree cabling is commonly done when multiple trunks are coming off of one larger box. When this happens, each compartment must support itself because if they aren’t, it could cause severe damage. Burbank Tree Service Pros provides tree cabling services throughout Burbank and the Los Angeles county area. Cables are installed horizontally between two stable limbs that need additional structural support to hold up weaker or dead branches. The lines also provide extra strength for any heavy branches that would otherwise break under the weight alone.

Though tree service Burbank encourages prevention methods like cabling, if it is too late, we will provide tree removal in Los Angeles County that specializes in the safe removal of trees to avoid damage to your property. Qualified tree service professionals should only do tree cabling as it can be performed on nearly any deciduous tree with a trunk diameter larger than 6 inches. It is not recommended for coniferous or evergreen trees because they are better off being removed when their health has declined significantly. There are two types of cabling methods our tree surgeons use which are tree cabling and tree bracing.

Getting rid of stumps after trees have been cut can be accomplished in three simple steps using standard wood cutting tools and machines available in most households today. Remove any surrounding brush or other items that may pose potential dangers when near something being operated at high speeds under your supervision because it could result in severe injury if mishandled. Acquire proper safety gear, including ear protection and anything else recommended by authorities, to ensure your well-being while working with machines capable of running into problems quickly if used wrongly.

Both methods will save the life of your trees, but tree bracing takes less time and makes less of an impact on your landscape compared to tree cabling. Tree bracing is a metal brace that wraps around the tree’s trunk and is driven into the ground with stakes. tree cabling is done by feeding steel cables through holes drilled in large branches and then tightening them to add stability for larger branches or entire trees. Tree cabling provides more structural support than tree bracing does, which means we can cable larger units than it could with tree bracing making it ideal for homeowners. Additionally, we also offer land clearing if a tree were to fall.

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