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Welcome to Grandview Tree Service Pros, we are very excited to see you here and look forward to providing you with the best tree service available. The tree surgeons and tree service pros employed here with us offer the best tree maintenance services in all of Grandview and surrounding areas nearby. Our team has all gone through the proper training needed to provide tree and landscaping services in Grandview , and are all licensed and insured to guarantee the safety of both your home and property. Please give us a call anytime at (818)-696-5883 and we’ll be happy to help improve your landscape.

The tree removal industry is quite difficult to operate in and for many years has been ranked as the most difficult type of work in general. For this reason, it is always best to consult with a professional tree service company like us to make sure all your tree work and tree cutting services near me are handled with the utmost care. The Grandview tree removal service team will always provide a free estimate to go along with the affordable prices that we offer for any tree work needed.

Our team has over 25 years of professional tree services in Grandview , CA, so let us know anytime how we can help improve your property. The tree surgeons and tree services working here are always looking for new opportunities to help connect with the community and are more than happy to extend their tree services to anyone in need. If you happen to live outside of Grandview , then please give us a call regardless as our tree pros will be eager to travel outside the city to help you.

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The tree removal and tree service industry is ranked among the most difficult types of jobs out there and should not be handled without the professional help of a tree service company like Grandview Tree Service Pros. There have been many situations in which we’ve seen homeowners attempt tree work on their own, only for their property and landscape to end up looking much worse than before. In these cases, we are still happy to provide a fair and affordable price as our tree removal service in Grandview , CA is one of the best in all of California.

Our team of tree professionals offers a variety of tree services and will be more than happy to help improve your landscape, so please do not perform any tree work on your own since we are here to help. Tree services Grandview , CA, take great pride in maintaining the proper health and care of your lawn and yard work. Our team of arborists continues to grow and is always looking for new opportunities, so please give us a call at (818)-696-5883 and we’ll handle your tree removal or stump grinding in Grandview , CA, at any time.

Our tree pros have many tree services available, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree surgeon, shrub removal, tree spraying, tree cabling, root removal, land clearing, tree planting, emergency tree service, and much more. The arborists employed at tree service Grandview are licensed and insured to handle any tree work needed, so let us know how we can help care for your landscape. There are many areas and trees to cover near the Grandview area, which is why our team of tree pros are more than happy to travel outwards to meet homeowners in neighboring cities to provide their tree service.

We understand that our tree service is in demand, so feel free to give us a call if you happen to live in other cities such as Burbank, Fremont Park, Grandview, North Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sun Valley, Valley Village, Verdugo Viejo, Warner Bros. Studio, and many areas nearby. Grandview tree service is always looking to expand, so the sooner you call us, the sooner we can send a tree pro out to provide an estimate.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is a dangerous task to handle, so our tree pros are able to handle it for you. Don’t attempt this task on your own, as it is difficult to know which way a tree will fall without our help.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is always available after a tree has fallen and been removed. Our tree pros grind the stump out of the ground, where they then provide stump removal to handle the rest.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is our most popular service and is performed by our expert tree pros. We take pride in making sure your landscape is properly trimmed and well maintained for future growth.

tree pruning burbank

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is not the same as having a tree trimmed, as this technique requires knowledge about a tree’s health. Our tree pros prune trees’ to make sure they are well in good health later.

shrub removal burbank

Shrub Removal

Shrub removal can often be a difficult task, but our tree pros have all the equipment needed to help remove the shrubs easily. After removal, we can also help to improve the shrub growth.

tree surgeon burbank

Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeon is not the same as an arborist, as the knowledge and understanding of tree care are a bit different. Our tree pros always provide the best tree care health available as surgeons.

tree cabling burbank

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling helps prevent any type of tree fall, especially an unexpected one. A tree that is a bit slanted can also be a sign of danger, so our tree pros can help by adjusting the main height.

land clearing burbank

Land Clearing

Land clearing is a task often requested after an emergency or storm. Regardless, our tree pros are more than happy to help clean any remains of tree branches, garbage, or any other waste.

tree spraying burbank

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying is a task that should never be attempted unless provided with the help of our tree pros. The chemicals sprayed can damage a property’s landscape, yard, lawn, or garden.

tree planting burbank

Tree Planting

Tree planting is not a common request for our tree pros, however, we are always happy to give back to the community by planting new trees. Let us know how we can help you today.

root removal burbank

Root Removal

Root removal is a very challenging service and having the proper equipment needed to get it done is equally as hard. Our tree pros have experience removing roots and are available.

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Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service is requested during the aftermath of a storm or accident. Make sure to stay clear of the accident and give us a call to help remove all the damage immediately.

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